President – Head of operations
An Italian director and producer, he brings to the festival his decade-long experience in pluridisciplinary event creation as well as international connections. He is also the president of the FAITO DOC International Documentary Film Festival in Monte Faïto, in the Neapolitan region.



Erin is the program coordinator of the Best of International Short Film Festival since 2016. She has a French Language diploma from the San Diego University in California. She is passionate about Arts history, the marine breeze and her little girl.



Coordination & communication
A faithful friend to the Best of Festival since 2003, he offers  his gifts in infographics and communication. He’s been a programer for the festival for several years. Since then, his passion for short films informs the advice and inputs he gives on the artistic direction and organization of the festival.



Caroline Sehi Hourquet has a passion for the image and encountering the other. In 2007 she funds Nikau Magazine, a french and english bilingual art and design magazine, which has been distributed in France, Europe, and internationally. She is currently the head of a digital communication agency which helps in organizing events and collaborates with a number of artists in France and abroad. The agency launched its first event “Attractivité Cinéma” in January of 2018 at the MuCEM.


Volunteers coordinator and logistics
In love with words as well as the image and cinema. Short films compel her with their diversity, the originality of their topics, as well as the relevance of their impact. “The faces
they present are fresh and create proximity with the viewer.” She’s been a long-time festival attendant, and in the past few years, a dedicated volunteer, as are her three
children. “The Best of International Short Film Festival is a beautiful event, long live the Best of !”


Event advisor
After spending ten years in the social-educative field, Michèle Philibert becomes a production manager in Marseilles. She organizes concerts, musical creations and events around music and cinema. She then launched a number of projects such as the show “Sound Kafoutch” on Radio Grenouille, which she co-hosted. In 2002, she creates with a friend the “Festival Reflets”, a film festival around questions of gender and identity.


Visual comunication and Multimedia
He’s been a valuable help in the last editions of the Best of Festival. He puts his cheerful
competence in operating the numeric tools of the Festival: he is the heart of this website. He allows you to access the program and to book your tickets, and informs you on where to sleep, eat and visit La Ciotat.


Valérie Dol
Schools coordinator

Nathalie Rossetti
Documentary programer, artistic adviser

Nicole DelLatana
Visual merchandising designer

Diletta Pispero

Dinnie Martin
Documentary program adviser

Christophe Ceytte-Richard Elias PRESZOW

Laurence Castermans 
Housing logistics

Rudy Sanna
Nicolas Pluet
Aline Faucon
Jean Pluet
Marie Therese Couraye du Parc
Magda Hamma

Yvan Le Moine
Honorary President

Amandine Berger
Turi Finnochiaro’s Assistant

Fanny Rigal
Subvention files delegate

Jennifer Gastine
Administrative adviser

Mireille Testanier
Willy Debras
Sophie Froment-Raabe
Jean-Christian Martinez
Olesia Kozakova
Frédéric Premel
Consultants and friends of the Festival

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