Madior DIENG


‘PAINTING JAM’ with Madior Dieng… soon as a Special event of this 17th edition of the Best of International Short Film Festival.
This performance will take place on the Sadi Carnot square.
“Painting to me is liberty of expression, it allows me to see things differently and meet other people, other cultures” says Madior Dieng.


Since 2014, the artist travels Europe to make his art known. After Sweden, Brussels or Liege, his work is exhibited in Verviers for the first time while he participates to the Biennal of Dakar, where he lives. It is an opportunity for the artist to show his colorful pieces, bearing an African influence which incite to travel and meet the other.
My painting is abstract and with lots of colors, as it is colors that are guiding me, I am inspired by my travels and the cultures around me. Belgium was the first country to open its arms to me and I am grateful. It is during an exhibition in Liege that I met Jean Blanchy (head of the gallery). He suggested that I exhibit my work in Verviers and encouraged me to make this fresco, which I had never done before. That’s what I call cultural dialogue, all these encounters that were allowed thanks to painting.